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 Chen Tao (Director)
 Melody of Dragon, Inc.
 53-19 195th Street
 Fresh Meadows, NY
 Tel: 347-259-9252

Zhang Baoli:

>> Zhang Bao-Li: member of Melody of Dragon, Inc., and member of Chinese Music Ensemble of NY, was born in Beijing and graduated from the China Music Community College in Beijing. He studied with Prof. Zhang Shao of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing at his age of nine and gave his first public performance when he was ten. In 1978, he became the principal erhu soloist of the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble in Beijing and has toured extensively throughout whole Asia and gained him highly prize. His performances on the erhu, has been recorded on CD and cassette tape in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and US.

After settle down in New York City, Zhang Bao-Li has performed and lectured throughout the US. He has performed at the Lincoln Center, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, The Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music, Carnegie Hall, Joyce Theater, Merkin Concert Hall with different groups including -- Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, H. T. Chen Dancers. Zhang Bao-Li is not only a master on Erhu, but also a virtuoso performer on other string instruments such as gaohu (high-pitched two strings fiddle, the leader instrument of Cantonese Music), jinghu (also called Beijing Opera fiddle). With varied varieties of repertoire, his music combined both exquisite and crude styles.

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